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Why Should Short-term Rental Hosts Hire a Property Manager?

Updated: May 24, 2022

Do you dream of running an Airbnb but don't want to deal with the hassle of listings and vetting guests? Do you want the freedom to travel the world, safe in the knowledge your Indianapolis real estate is in safe hands?

You're not alone – you need an Airbnb property manager.

With more and more homeowners embracing the Airbnb lifestyle – 6M active listings and counting – you can enjoy all the benefits of a short-term rental without any of the management. Sounds too good to be true? It's not.

Hiring a reliable Indianapolis Airbnb property manager is simple yet effective. Here's how you can benefit.

They'll handle all guest relations

Responding to inquiries, managing bookings, and organizing everything when guests arrive – running an Airbnb can turn into a full-time job. That's not what you intended!

Airbnb property managers remove time-intensive tasks of guest relations. From the moment your applicants apply to meeting guests at the door, your Airbnb management service will ensure everything runs smoothly.

The result: less stress, more time, better reviews.

They'll boost your property listing

Like any database of vendors, there's a certain amount of experience and skill needed to achieve a prominent ranking. Managing your Airbnb profile and listing is a specialty of all property managers – including for Indianapolis Airbnb.

You want your prospective guests to have a stellar first impression – helping you stand out and attract quality bookings. They'll continually manage your listing for a high Airbnb search placement. From professional photos to constructing listing descriptions, your Airbnb management services have got you covered.

They'll guarantee peace of mind

Coordinating cleaners, meeting guests, handling requests, ensuring your real estate is maintained, providing a local 24/7 emergency contact – your Indianapolis property manager will oversee all this and more.

When you leave your real estate in their hands, you can travel the world or visit friends and family, safe in the knowledge your property (and business) is being well-managed; even down to replacing consumables like toilet paper and soap.

They'll maximize your revenue

Your local Indianapolis Airbnb property manager uses a third-party intelligent pricing system to monitor your annual calendar, determining the best rates relative to the market's current popularity.

It's a complicated business. But, if you want to maximize your return, such systems and expertise are critical to getting the highest rental price per night.

After all, most homeowners opt for Airbnb to boost their income – your Airbnb property manager will do just that.

They'll provide expert advice

Insider knowledge can save time and money. Using an Airbnb professional property management service means gaining access to their phone book of contacts: cleaners, plumbers, builders, interior designers, and more. You can use the best industry professionals for any service.

Moreover, you'll be advised not only on maximizing your property's revenue but also on suitable interior design, creating a seamless guest experience, and what foodstuffs to provide for your guests (e.g., bottled water, bread, or milk).

Final thoughts

Managing your Airbnb real estate can detract from your career and free time. You can take a hands-off approach with an Indianapolis property manager; confident your property is being correctly managed. It's a win-win.

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